Hi everyone. Sorry to have been so quiet since the last performance. Here is an update on current events.

Thank you all so much for the last concert and performing really well in uncomfortably hot conditions. The brass sounded particularly impressive in the MacCunn. The Britten and the Stravinsky were both very worthwhile experiments focused on improved ensemble playing and developing trust within the orchestra, which I believe happened very effectively. In particular, a lot of the sound of the strings improved tremendously, and the wind octet took on a very difficult piece of music which they rose to excellently particularly given some necessary changes in personnel during the term. The end result was fantastic. The Mendelssohn was particularly extrovert in the first movement which fitted the style of the movement very well, and Margarita thought that that was potentially the best we had performed anything. There were some corners in the second movement, but the rest of the symphony went very well, and I was really pleased with the Finale, which is notoriously difficult. So thank you once again for hard work during the term and a fine performance at the end.


Best regards.



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